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Kennebunkport Fishing

Fishing is a sport that can be enjoyed by everyone, whether it occurs from a bank or from a fishing boat. One of the most popular locations for sport fishing is located in southern Maine at a town named Kennebunkport. Located along the Kennebunk River it offers river, pond and ocean fishing. It has sandy beaches, a wealth of seafood restaurants, Bed and Breakfasts, galleries, souvenir shops, commercial fishing charters and other tourist attractions.

Fishing areas around Kennebunk abound with many species of fish. Inland fishing includes brook trout, brown trout, bluefish, winter flounder, American shad, rainbow smelt, striped bass and many others. Ocean fishing includes species such as shark, tuna, tarpon, mackerel, sailfish and marlin. There are a number of opportunities to charter or rent a boat for freshwater or ocean fishing. Imagine the thrill of catching an ocean 500-pound Bluefin tuna or a large salmon on inland waters when fishing from a charter boat.

Fishing is permitted year round in Maine with a summer temperature varying from 80 to 90 degrees. February and March bring ice, snow and the opportunity to experience ice fishing. Fishing tackle and gear are extremely important and vary depending on the type of fishing involved.

Both ocean trolling and ocean bottom fishing require live baits or artificial fishing lures depending on the species. Deep-sea trolling for sailfish, for example, would involve 6-10 feet of 40-80 pound test monofilament leader, heavy-duty saltwater baitcaster reel, 20-pound test monofilament line, 5/0-7/0 size hooks and live bait. Inland fishing gear depends on the species being sought and can range from simple to advanced models. Fishing charters furnish all needed gear plus an ice chest for storing cold drinks and fish.

For people who enjoy sport fishing competitions there are many opportunities to try their luck at bringing in a certain type of fish in a specified amount of time. An annual bass fishing derby, for example, takes place every September at Sebago Lake – about 34 miles from Kennebunkport. This Sebago Lake Bass Open offers $25,000 cash for the largest fish caught and is a very exciting event. Ice fishing tournaments are especially popular.

Whatever type of fishing a person enjoys, there is no better place to be than the state of Maine and fishing in Kennebunkport is amazing!